How To Organize Your Dissertation Defense Presentation Properly

All doctoral students are required to defend their dissertation before they can be awarded the degrees. Each student therefore, needs to take this very seriously as it can cause them to fail. During this time, you will be asked a number of questions by the thesis committee regarding your work. Therefore, plan yourself early in good time so that you have the right content.

Commence with your background information

The background data is elementarily the first to be crafted. It gives the reader a general idea about the thesis. Through it, the audience will be informed of what exactly is going to be talked about. This should therefore be acquit and should be specific to the given topic. Try to be very creative and original. Through employing the use of captivating tone, you will be able to catch the mind of your reader.

State the problem

You cannot craft the text in absence of a problem. You need to show your professor that there is an initial existing problem that needs to be fixed. This should be real and should provide room for attempts that can be done in order to eliminate it.

Point out your specific approach

After you are done with stating the problem, you need to point out the particular techniques which you will employ to solve the problem. They should be attainable so that when you out in the real field, you will not encounter multiple challenges. This will include the specific data collection techniques.

Present the results

Results are collected and presented depending on which method is used. For instance, if the outcomes are to be in prose form, present them in that form. They should be inclined towards finding solutions to the initial problem as outlined above. Specificity will ameliorate the quality of your work to a great extent.

Conclude your paper

This is the final section of the text. Here, the writer simply mentions the major points in a review form without expounding further on them. It is also important that, one should adhere to only the key facts mentioned in the text. Do not go to an extent of adding new ideas.

Proofread your paper

Everyone is prone to mistakes. In one or two lines, there might be errors which should be corrected before your work is submitted. You can either read through your work personally or you can as well request a friend to do so. The next time you will be asked to craft a thesis paper, this should be the first site to look for professional assistance.

Unique Dissertation Topics In Logistics And Supply Chain

Logistics and supply chain are things that form the basis of any large business that sells products to customers. The essential difference between a company that sells products and a company that sells services is in that the latter does not have to depend on any kind of supply chain and logistics solutions to survive. There are several ways in which it can simply make its way through. And
logistics adds up some costs that can always be avoided if a business is a service-providing entity.

The need for smart logistics

There are several reasons smart logistics are needed by businesses that supply products. In the e-commerce industry, people have known that the logistics solutions can prove to the deciding factor between a great business and a shallow one. This is one of the major reasons people look into logistics as a system exercise. (Check out for more dissertation tips).

Some pressing needs for smart logistics and supply chain include:

  • Delivering goods to customers on time
  • Keeping a healthy sales record
  • Expanding the geographic customer base of the company
  • Taking into account the different needs of varied demographics
  • Managing overseas sales well

Unique dissertation topics on logistics and supply chain

  1. Supply chain management: how significant is the operation when we talk about overseas sales
  2. Reflect at some of the most important working principles of logistics companies
  3. Logistics and supply chain dissertation: how have the two influenced the rise of e-commerce in the USA?
  4. Why don’t large e-commerce companies depend on any one carrier for their logistics?
  5. What makes a company a great logistics and transport company: highlight the essentials only
  6. The textile industry and the rampant change in the logistics solution
  7. Why has there been a significant rise I importance of companies that provide air logistics
  8. Managing a supply chain: why is it important from a marketing perspective?
  9. Look at the need for connecting private logistics company of the east and the west of USA
  10. Examine how poor logistics can fail an e-commerce company even before it starts
  11. The parallel rise of logistics companies with ecommerce companies of the world
  12. What does it take to build up a successful logistics company that would be dedicated to ecommerce?
  13. Examine the difference in the supply chains in any two leading ecommerce brands of the world
  14. Put into consideration some suggestions for logistics improvement in the next two decades
  15. What would you suggest to improve logistics in countries with very high road traffic

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