Writing a Thesis Introduction: 7 Helpful Suggestions

A thesis introduction is one of the most important parts of an essay or research paper. It introduces the reader to the topic and sets up the entire argument for the rest of the writing. To get a top grade on an essay, students need to make sure that they have the best introduction possible. For some tips on writing an introduction, students should read through the following tips.

  1. Focus on the Subject
  2. Before the student can even begin writing, they need to think of a good subject. The topic area should be narrow enough to cover in the word count, but it should be broad enough for the student to write without running out of points.

  3. Brainstorm Topics
  4. To start brainstorming topic ideas, students should look for online suggestions or read through other essays. They can also try reading through their textbook or other course books. As the student reads, they should jot down any topics that seem especially interesting.

  5. Visit the Library
  6. Sometimes, the best topics will not actually work because there is not enough research. Before writing a paper, students should make sure that there are enough research materials available in the library for them to use. These research materials should be academic sources, or the teacher will ask the student to redo their essay.

  7. Things to Include
  8. When writing an introduction, students should cover the subject of the paper and the information that fellow researchers have discovered. They will want to address the way that their research relates to previous research on the topics. In addition, the student may want to identify any potential issues in the previous research on the topic.

  9. Choose a Thesis
  10. The thesis statement is the most important part of the introduction. This statement should generally span just one or two sentences. In just a sentence, the student must sum up the entire point of their paper. They should make an argument that will later be supported by their research.

  11. Be Interesting
  12. Although academic papers are typically boring, students should do their best to make the introduction interesting. The teacher has already read through hundreds of essays, so students will have to really work to catch the teacher’s attention.

  13. Reread the Introduction
  14. Once the student is completely done writing their essay, they need to go back and reread through the introduction. Often, the scope of the paper will change as the student writes. To make sure that the introduction is still applicable, the student needs to reread it once they are completely done writing.

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