Hospitality and Tourism Dissertation Topics

One of the most difficult steps in the dissertation is to select a topic for the dissertation. The problem with the students of hospitality and tourism is that they cannot find topics for their dissertation easily. Therefore, this article will assist them in finding topics that are good for their dissertation.

A good dissertation is the one that answers the burning questions. Furthermore, the student should be drawn towards the topic that is selected. Choosing a topic that is dull and boring would only contribute to the misery of students. If the topic is interesting, the student would want to learn further about it. There are different branches of hospitality and tourism dissertation topics, and a few of them are mentioned below

Topics based on the Ecotourism

Ecotourism deals with the tourists visiting the natural locations rather than the human-made tourist attractions. People who are interested in the ecological and social concerns are drawn towards this kind of tourism. Some of the topics related to the Ecotourism are mentioned below

  1. Can Edinburgh be developed into an ecotourism destination? If yes, then how?
  2. Is ecotourism advantageous for the local communities?
  3. Can Swansea be developed into an ecotourism destination? If yes, then how?
  4. What do the British people prefer, local ecotourism or international ecotourism?
  5. How does the internet affect the development of ecotourism?

Topics based on the Dark Tourism

Dark tourism means visiting places that are associated with suffering, grief, and death. They are also known as black tourism or grief tourism. Auschwitz and nuclear disaster zones are the basic examples of sites associated with dark tourism. The main purpose of the tourist visiting these sites is to understand the reasons or causes behind these events. Some of the topics related to dark tourism are mentioned below

  1. Is dark tourism beneficial for the local communities?
  2. What does the tourist think of the Jack the Ripper site?
  3. Can you please explain the marketing tools that are used for the promotion of these dark tourism sites?
  4. What does the tourist think about the Edinburgh Dungeon?
  5. What is the inspiration behind dark tourism?

Topics based on the Hospitality

Hospitality deals with resorts, hotels, casinos, and restaurants. It deals with the relationship between the guest and the hotel. Some of the topics related to hospitality are given below.

  1. Can you please explain the reason behind the customers choosing the leisure hotel when they plan overseas holidays?
  2. What do the tourists think about the Hilton Hotel in London?
  3. Do you think that the British customers care about the brand of the hotel?
  4. What do the British people think about ordering food online?
  5. What do the British people think about Thai food?


These are a few of the topics that are related to the dissertation on tourism and hospitality. The students need to understand and find out their interest and then choose the topic. Selecting a topic without thinking through could jeopardize your entire dissertation, as you might not have enough knowledge about the topic, or the topic is too dull for you to conduct brainstorming sessions. 

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