Great Marketing Dissertation Topic Examples

Access to marketing dissertation topic samples when you’re about graduating can go a long way in making your name known to the world outside. Just because it’s a marketing dissertation doesn’t mean it should not follow the set of academic and professional rules.

Difference Between Dissertation and Reports Topic Samples in Marketing 

You’ve likely crafted reports in your last academic years, and if you haven’t, you can check our report writing resources for guidance. Reports and dissertations have almost the same presentation and format guidelines. Tutors give reports as module assignments that follow the given instructions. As for dissertations, they have varied qualities, among which include:

  • They link to modern practices and theories 
  • Both postgraduate and undergraduate students take them in their final academic year
  • Learners can decide which methodology and topic to use 
  • It involves extensive independent research on subjects, some of which aren’t covered in typical college programs
  • The words requested are more than what is required when writing standard reports 

Reasons To Use Dissertation Topic Samples Marketing 

Dissertation topic samples include the necessary methodology, results, and conclusions used in research and dissertation writing. These pieces can give your lecturer a leeway in your research, data collection, and evaluation. Lecturers use dissertations to gauge your ability to plan, organize, research, solve problems, and manage time while presenting your written and oral communication skills.

Formats of Dissertation Topic Samples Marketing

There is one unique format that every dissertation should follow, and here are the guidelines:

  1. Title Page: It’s a concise and accurate description of what the dissertation will be all about.
  2. Abstract: it’s a detailed summary of what is contained in the dissertation. It can encourage or discourage reading.
  3. Contents: It digs into the discussion topic, covering every information the reader may want to know about the issue being discussed.
  4. Introduction: This section of a dissertation provides an outline of your research, giving readers insights into the paper’s contents.
  5. Aims and objectives: These are written to educate the reader about the core purpose of the study. It outlines details of what the writer is trying to achieve with the completed copy.
  6. Literature Review: It gives the reader an overview of what you think about the topic.
  7. Research Methodologies: It’s a core part of the research that determines your findings and results’ accuracy and efficiency. Writers can divide the methodology section into multiple sub-sections depending on the complexity of the topic being discussed. Ensure your methodologies outline everything about the subjects, how they were selected, and the subject selection materials.
  8. Ethical Issues: This section of the dissertation requires you to attach an appendix outlining the research’s ethical issues and how to solve them.
  9. Findings and results: This section will inform the reader about your findings and the results’ objective.
  10. Discussion or analysis: Here, you’ve to give your view of the theoretical importance of the investigation and findings.
  11. Recommendations: based on your analysis and findings, you can make a recommendation.
  12. References: ensure the dissertation topic examples marketing references are correct and follow your university or college guidelines.
  13. Appendices: In this last section, you should only input raw data in the format of an appendix.

Finishing and Formatting a Dissertation

The guidelines for formatting a dissertation may vary across different institutions. You should understand the regulations from your university in regards to the type of format to apply in the text.

The typical dissertation contains an abstract, table of contents abbreviation list figures, acknowledgments, and tables. Make sure the numbers of your pages coincides with the numbering on your content table. Correctly name your chapters and make sure that a new chapter starts on its page. Also, the citations and bibliography at the end of your document must meet the proper formatting requirements as outlined by your school. Take your time while formatting to make sure that you cancel out all the errors that may arise in the paper.

Proofread your project

If you can find someone to help you proofread your work, you will have an easy time working on the errors that your eye may not have seen. Proofreading will make sure that the grammar is in check, the spelling is perfect, and the punctuation is appropriate.

Seek feedback from your supervisor

If, by chance, you get a supervisor that is willing to make comments upon reading your work before submission, take the opportunity, and utilize it well. They will have the best approach towards it and will help you a great deal in making sure that your work is crisp. Tend to review each of your chapters upon their completion.

When you get the opportunity to get guidance from your tutor, make sure that you are sensible in that, do not present them with a 200-page long document for them to work on since that is ridiculous. Make sure they have enough time to go through the work you want to present to them.

Let your peers give you feedback

When faced with the unavailability of a tutor or supervisor, you can always turn your neck to your peers to help you proofread your work before submission. As they are just on the same level as you are, their comments may not hold as much weight as required, but some of their insights may help you take out the errors that are quite visible.

Buying Feedback

On many occasions, you may not get satisfied with the feedback from your tutors or peers as a student. When you get to this point, you can always root for a third party. It is a person who can assist you in offering you appropriate feedback. Before jumping on this course, look for a company that will give you the correct outcome from an expert in your discipline. When paying for feedback, shed light on the areas you deem as weak points to get made better.

How to come up with well-formatted appendices

They are the documents that get placed at the end of the dissertation. They are required to get logically organized in simulation to the way they appear in your text. Most supervisors will give an outline of how they want the appendices presented. In a typical manner, they are numbered or listed with letters. They must also bear a title that is in correspondence to what they stand for.

If you are using graphs and charts, make sure that you apply the most appropriate format to avoid overcrowding or spilling some data to other pages.

Findings and Discussions in Your Dissertation

A dissertation has several sections such as the introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, discussions, and conclusion. Each of these sections is important and has important requirements that should be met to make your dissertation complete. However, the findings and discussions sections are like the ultimate in your writing. These sections sum up all the work that you have been doing from the beginning.

The Findings section comes before the discussion. Your findings are what you have captured through your methods. After writing your literature review and doing your methodology section, readers will be looking for the results you have gathered from your study. This is what will be written in the finding sections. Therefore, you should be well prepared to write this part of your paper. Despite what you have done in the previous sections, this is the part that gives meaning to your dissertation. 

What Are Findings in a Dissertation?

Anyone doing research is looking to bridge certain gaps left in past studies. Therefore, what you get from your present research are what are known as findings. They are the results and/or outcomes of your methodology section. All the information collected from your study will be posted here. This part of your dissertation includes the presentation of raw and processed data in form of tables, charts and graphs among other ways.

When writing about the findings, think of what was vital for your dissertation. This is the data and information that you will be presenting to your audience. The content in this part of your paper is what will highlight the main aim and objectives of writing your dissertation.  Therefore, it is important to focus on the data tied around your problem statement. After doing all the work to introduce and highlight gaps in your research, readers will be looking forward to seeing what you have managed to do to address those gaps.

Writing the Discussion Section

Findings of your research are not enough to help readers understand the objectives and aim of writing your dissertation. Therefore, you will be required to write a discussion section around that. Your discussions should be informed by the findings of your study. After presenting everything collected from your primary and secondary sources, readers would want to know what they mean in that field of study.

In your discussion section, the main idea is to interpret for your readers all the information that you have been able to gather. Discuss the relevance of your findings based on the objectives that you stated in the introductory part of your dissertation. There should be a connection to create flow from the beginning to the end of your paper. Readers should be able to see how your study connects to past research and especially what you captured in your literature review.

Final Thoughts

The essence of writing a dissertation is to provide new evidence and facts on the topic you have chosen. This is what makes the findings and discussion sections very vital in your dissertation writing process!

Hospitality and Tourism Dissertation Topics

One of the most difficult steps in the dissertation is to select a topic for the dissertation. The problem with the students of hospitality and tourism is that they cannot find topics for their dissertation easily. Therefore, this article will assist them in finding topics that are good for their dissertation.

A good dissertation is the one that answers the burning questions. Furthermore, the student should be drawn towards the topic that is selected. Choosing a topic that is dull and boring would only contribute to the misery of students. If the topic is interesting, the student would want to learn further about it. There are different branches of hospitality and tourism dissertation topics, and a few of them are mentioned below

Topics based on the Ecotourism

Ecotourism deals with the tourists visiting the natural locations rather than the human-made tourist attractions. People who are interested in the ecological and social concerns are drawn towards this kind of tourism. Some of the topics related to the Ecotourism are mentioned below

  1. Can Edinburgh be developed into an ecotourism destination? If yes, then how?
  2. Is ecotourism advantageous for the local communities?
  3. Can Swansea be developed into an ecotourism destination? If yes, then how?
  4. What do the British people prefer, local ecotourism or international ecotourism?
  5. How does the internet affect the development of ecotourism?

Topics based on the Dark Tourism

Dark tourism means visiting places that are associated with suffering, grief, and death. They are also known as black tourism or grief tourism. Auschwitz and nuclear disaster zones are the basic examples of sites associated with dark tourism. The main purpose of the tourist visiting these sites is to understand the reasons or causes behind these events. Some of the topics related to dark tourism are mentioned below

  1. Is dark tourism beneficial for the local communities?
  2. What does the tourist think of the Jack the Ripper site?
  3. Can you please explain the marketing tools that are used for the promotion of these dark tourism sites?
  4. What does the tourist think about the Edinburgh Dungeon?
  5. What is the inspiration behind dark tourism?

Topics based on the Hospitality

Hospitality deals with resorts, hotels, casinos, and restaurants. It deals with the relationship between the guest and the hotel. Some of the topics related to hospitality are given below.

  1. Can you please explain the reason behind the customers choosing the leisure hotel when they plan overseas holidays?
  2. What do the tourists think about the Hilton Hotel in London?
  3. Do you think that the British customers care about the brand of the hotel?
  4. What do the British people think about ordering food online?
  5. What do the British people think about Thai food?


These are a few of the topics that are related to the dissertation on tourism and hospitality. The students need to understand and find out their interest and then choose the topic. Selecting a topic without thinking through could jeopardize your entire dissertation, as you might not have enough knowledge about the topic, or the topic is too dull for you to conduct brainstorming sessions. 

HR Dissertation Topics

HR Dissertation Topics

The process of the dissertation is the one that demands time. It is not like the essay writing process in which you can find a topic, do some research, and finish it within a day. The process of dissertation requires your utmost attention, then only you will be able to excel in it. The students who have chosen the field of human resources know that to excel in their field, they will require a consistent good grade. They can achieve this only when their dissertation is up to the mark. Selecting the right topic for the dissertation is as important as writing the dissertation. Therefore, to help those students, there is a list of topics given below

Topics related to the organisation culture in HR

The process of measuring or understanding the culture of an organization is called the organizational culture or organizational climate in HR. Some of the topics related to this are mentioned below

  1. In a human service organisation, what is the connection between the practice of evaluation and organisation culture?
  2. How is job satisfaction affected by the organisational culture?
  3. How is employee engagement affected by the organisation culture?
  4. What is the relation between organisational culture and leadership?
  5. How are the knowledge management endeavours affected by organisational culture and structures?

Topics related to the strategic HR management

Integration of the human resource and the goals that are set by the organization is called the strategic HR management. Some of the topics related to this are given below

  1. What is the significance of strategic human resource management?
  2. What hurdles do strategic human resource management have to face?
  3. How is the change management affected by human resource management?
  4. List some of the advantages of strategic human resource management.
  5. In strategic human resource management, what is the value of onboarding and retention?

Topics related to risk management

If you want to produce a perfect dissertation, you will need to learn risk management. Some of the topics that are related to risk management are mentioned below

  1. How is the industrial risk management getting affected by evolving information technology?
  2. Can you explain the connection between people management and risk management?
  3. Is productivity increased due to human risk management?
  4. Explain the relationship between human resources and risk management?
  5. What is the role of data protection in risk management?

Topics related to employee relations

The management of employee relations is regarded as one of the most important responsibilities of the human resource. Some of the topics related to employee relations are mentioned below

  1. How is customer loyalty affected by employee engagement in the service-based industry?
  2. How are the employee relations getting affected due to the globalisation?
  3. Do employee relations get better or worse due to learning and development?
  4. Do employee relations get better or worse due to the digital presence?
  5. Does workplace flexibility affect the performance of the employee and the organisation?


In a nutshell, writing a good dissertation is of extreme importance in human resources. If you can choose the right topic for the dissertation and present your point properly, you will be able to reap the rewards that this field has to offer. Therefore, you must practice and write the best dissertation possible. 

How to Write a Dissertation Successfully

Like any other talent, writing is naturally given to a few individuals. This means that the large majority have to work hard and learn the secrets of pulling crowds with their words.

However, there are so many forms of writing that work out there. Some are outrightly simple while others are just hard to get by. Well, academic writing is one of the complicated forms of writing.

As you might have guessed it correctly, academic writing refers to the type of writing that relates to the select few termed as scholars. While the academic arena encompasses a broad spectrum of schools and standards, academic works can be described to sync well with the degree classes.

Therefore, dissertations can be defined as an advanced form of academic writing that relates to those doing their postgraduate degrees.

Given its high sense of academic excellence, dissertations are therefore one of the most specialized and sometimes technical forms of writing. So, you may need dissertation help if it turns out to be too difficult for you. Don’t hesitate to visit Rank My Service and find out the best options and the most reliable assistance providers.

This does not mean that you do not know how to write or do research, no. We simply imply that dissertations require a lot of input from your end for it to stand out. That said and now that you are here, this article has been compiled to cover the very basic guidelines that you can easily follow and complete writing your dissertation today.

Just to be clear, we won’t be dwelling much on some of the most common and already advised on dissertation writing on the internet. We hope to provide you with a unique angle that will lay out a clear path for you to follow and aid you in completing your dissertation with ease.

Well, let’s get started already

  • To begin with, we urge you to think of dissertation writing like a marathon. Well, yes you read that right.
  • Think of this process as a marathon. This equivalence comes in the sense that they both demand a great deal of preparedness. While they might both drain your mental and physical strength, you ought to prepare your body and mind for this process or else you might end up becoming stressed and depressed.
  • Just as an athlete religiously follows certain training routines and strictly adheres to specific diets in preparation for a major league, you should also do the same. Create a routine (writing plan) and follow it religiously.
  • Given the large number of tasks that might need to be done, we also urge you to think of the process as work. Just as if you would prepare early for your day job, we also suggest that you do the same with your dissertation writing process. This way, you will be able to keep track of your daily progress as well as maintain your focus on the end goal.
  • Since the dissertation writing process is not an easy one, we suggest that you create a checklist with all the tasks that need to be done and also include a priority level for each task. Begin with the high priority ones first before moving to the other ones. Just remember to cross them off your list once they are done.

Where To Get A Well-Structured Dissertation Proposal Example

Writing is a mandatory skill which every student around the world should be well endowed with and in case you are still grappling with how to compose a moving essay, then you have a long way to go before you can finally start earning those good grades in your exams. At advanced levels of learning such as college studies, term paper writing is something you will be doing most of the times. At undergraduate level, not much is written except for a little introduction into how you ought to approach your writing. Further, someone who is yet to have a good grasp of term paper writing has every reason to find some help out there and it include a look at paper samples. At master’s level, custom dissertation paper is something you will come across most of the times because of the numerous writing projects undertaken here. However, before you can write what can be christened a good paper, a proposal is very necessary.

Fundamentally, a proposal prepares one for the bigger task of doing a research, thesis or dissertation paper and so, the best way get it right with the actual study is to be rigorous with your proposal. What about if you are not so good at proposal writing? There is only one way out of this and it is that you have to take a look at proposal sample before you can write one. There are many types on the web and if you try this company, chances of finding the best are assured. In this post, we however take a look at some places where you can also get good examples.

Writing a Thesis Introduction: 7 Helpful Suggestions

A thesis introduction is one of the most important parts of an essay or research paper. It introduces the reader to the topic and sets up the entire argument for the rest of the writing. To get a top grade on an essay, students need to make sure that they have the best introduction possible. For some tips on writing an introduction, students should read through the following tips.

  1. Focus on the Subject
  2. Before the student can even begin writing, they need to think of a good subject. The topic area should be narrow enough to cover in the word count, but it should be broad enough for the student to write without running out of points.

  3. Brainstorm Topics
  4. To start brainstorming topic ideas, students should look for online suggestions or read through other essays. They can also try reading through their textbook or other course books. As the student reads, they should jot down any topics that seem especially interesting.

  5. Visit the Library
  6. Sometimes, the best topics will not actually work because there is not enough research. Before writing a paper, students should make sure that there are enough research materials available in the library for them to use. These research materials should be academic sources, or the teacher will ask the student to redo their essay.

  7. Things to Include
  8. When writing an introduction, students should cover the subject of the paper and the information that fellow researchers have discovered. They will want to address the way that their research relates to previous research on the topics. In addition, the student may want to identify any potential issues in the previous research on the topic.

  9. Choose a Thesis
  10. The thesis statement is the most important part of the introduction. This statement should generally span just one or two sentences. In just a sentence, the student must sum up the entire point of their paper. They should make an argument that will later be supported by their research.

  11. Be Interesting
  12. Although academic papers are typically boring, students should do their best to make the introduction interesting. The teacher has already read through hundreds of essays, so students will have to really work to catch the teacher’s attention.

  13. Reread the Introduction
  14. Once the student is completely done writing their essay, they need to go back and reread through the introduction. Often, the scope of the paper will change as the student writes. To make sure that the introduction is still applicable, the student needs to reread it once they are completely done writing.

How To Make The Most Of An Economics Dissertation Database

There are no shortcuts while preparing your dissertation. No matter how simple you’d want to make it be, you wouldn’t escape from the reality of the bulky research to be done. I tend to believe that dissertations is 90% research, and if done well will lead to a top-class dissertation.

Wiring a perfect dissertation paper requires a lot of effort and concentration. From an exquisite title, to a well defined thesis statement and eventually proper and thorough research techniques; all these work hand in hand to make a perfect dissertation paper.

There are several research techniques that can facilitate your work-study. This article is exceptionally crafted to provide excellent information on how to effectively use an economic dissertation database.

What to know about databases

First, if you are a wise student, then I bet you understand that before you use any tool you need to understand how it works. The good thing is that we share one internet; unfortunately, there are quite a number of private networks that splits the single connection to various smaller ones. In essences, it would be better to have one common economics dissertation database to use.

How to find an economics dissertation database

Thanks to the internet, now almost everything is digitalized making research work more bearable. Traditionally, databases included manual files that would be had to gather or find enough information contained in one place. Online database makes it easier to collect various dissertations from all over and contain them in a single storage space for easy retrieval.

You can easily search online for available databases as some of this can be privatized and will only be accessed by legitimate members.

How to use the economics dissertation database

Using specific keywords you can easily search through an accessible database and find thesis/dissertations.

For your dissertation, you are entitled to have detailed information than anyone else. It is your responsibility to do extra research to make your paper unique. Below are some basic tips of using an economics dissertation database.

  1. As earlier stated the databases aren’t linked, so you have to ensure that you use a variety of databases for extensive and rich in-depth research.
  2. Use subject headings and relevant synonyms.
  3. Explore bibliographies for efficient searches.

Writing a dissertation takes enough effort to write and submit; the research part is the most overwhelming of them all. You can visit this masters thesis writing service to explore the economics dissertation database.

Finding a Well-Written Thesis Online

The demand for students finding their theses online is increasing day by day, and for this, you need to have the services of experienced providers whom you can look forward to receiving 100% plagiarism free works from. If you’ve no idea of what thesis is and how it is done and the steps involved, then it is better for you to stay on the back foot and let an experienced writer do the trick for you.

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  • Timely Delivery
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  • Professionalism is the Key
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  • We Thoroughly Consider Project Requirements
  • As we a system where several writers work on a single project, you wouldn’t have to worry as to whether we focus on project requirements or not. Irrespective of it being a rush assignment or not, considering the assignment details is something we never take for granted. When it comes to oxford thesis online, is a name you can trust. With 24/7 customer support, you can track the progress of your thesis without much difficulty.

    We strive to offer quality results to our clients, and this is why the online PhD thesis we provide are of top-quality and this is the reason clients tend to get back to us when they are in need of an academic assignment to be done professionally.