HR Dissertation Topics

HR Dissertation Topics

The process of the dissertation is the one that demands time. It is not like the essay writing process in which you can find a topic, do some research, and finish it within a day. The process of dissertation requires your utmost attention, then only you will be able to excel in it. The students who have chosen the field of human resources know that to excel in their field, they will require a consistent good grade. They can achieve this only when their dissertation is up to the mark. Selecting the right topic for the dissertation is as important as writing the dissertation. Therefore, to help those students, there is a list of topics given below

Topics related to the organisation culture in HR

The process of measuring or understanding the culture of an organization is called the organizational culture or organizational climate in HR. Some of the topics related to this are mentioned below

  1. In a human service organisation, what is the connection between the practice of evaluation and organisation culture?
  2. How is job satisfaction affected by the organisational culture?
  3. How is employee engagement affected by the organisation culture?
  4. What is the relation between organisational culture and leadership?
  5. How are the knowledge management endeavours affected by organisational culture and structures?

Topics related to the strategic HR management

Integration of the human resource and the goals that are set by the organization is called the strategic HR management. Some of the topics related to this are given below

  1. What is the significance of strategic human resource management?
  2. What hurdles do strategic human resource management have to face?
  3. How is the change management affected by human resource management?
  4. List some of the advantages of strategic human resource management.
  5. In strategic human resource management, what is the value of onboarding and retention?

Topics related to risk management

If you want to produce a perfect dissertation, you will need to learn risk management. Some of the topics that are related to risk management are mentioned below

  1. How is the industrial risk management getting affected by evolving information technology?
  2. Can you explain the connection between people management and risk management?
  3. Is productivity increased due to human risk management?
  4. Explain the relationship between human resources and risk management?
  5. What is the role of data protection in risk management?

Topics related to employee relations

The management of employee relations is regarded as one of the most important responsibilities of the human resource. Some of the topics related to employee relations are mentioned below

  1. How is customer loyalty affected by employee engagement in the service-based industry?
  2. How are the employee relations getting affected due to the globalisation?
  3. Do employee relations get better or worse due to learning and development?
  4. Do employee relations get better or worse due to the digital presence?
  5. Does workplace flexibility affect the performance of the employee and the organisation?


In a nutshell, writing a good dissertation is of extreme importance in human resources. If you can choose the right topic for the dissertation and present your point properly, you will be able to reap the rewards that this field has to offer. Therefore, you must practice and write the best dissertation possible. 

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