Basic Instructions For Composing A Dissertation Proposal In Economics

Those who are doing research in the field of economics, it is essential to compose dissertation proposals. It is one of the integral parts in their research program and also a method to measure their knowledge on the topic. The proposal needs to be accepted by the advisory board or head of the department for further proceedings. So it should be free from all kind of errors and need to stick on the topic. Even though the proposal does not consist of the content fully, but it should be provided with all the key points that you are going to write.

Here are some tips to compose dissertation proposal perfectly:

  • Always focus on the topic well. One of the main problems some people face while preparing proposal is that, they will deviate from the main topic. It will create a bad impression on the advisory board and there are chances for rejection. So clearly focus on the topic and do not try to deviate from it.
  • The points in the proposal should be clear enough to explain the topic. If the points and the topic are different, it will definitely affect the quality of the proposal.
  • Always refer various books, internet or seek the help of concerned people if you are not clear about a particular thing. It is because such small doubts will result in the quality of the proposal. So to keep perfection always clear your doubts.
  • Every board or university will have certain guidelines while writing such proposals. You need to follow it correctly. This is one of the most common problems facing by people who are preparing the writing. If you do not follow their rules or guidelines then there are huge chances for rejecting your proposal.
  • Take your own time for preparing it. Never be panic while creating a proposal. It is because there are chances to miss some small yet vital points which are essential for making it a perfect one.
  • Depending on your convenience you can decide to start writing or not on the main topic. In some cases the approval for the proposal might take some time. Because of you that you will not get enough time to write the main topic. To avoid such instances, it is better to start writing before submitting the proposal. It will help you to submit your main paper on time.

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